Support your Health today!

Coaching processes are seamlessly weaved into a Nutritional consultation - to help you identify reasonable & attainable health goals, and the steps that you can take towards achieving them.

I encourage you to take responsibility for your own health & wellbeing - in one of the most fundamental ways - making healthy food choices.  We can work on this together in a way that's achievable for you.

What's more - you go home having learned some advanced ways to continue to help and support yourself.

Coaching Support can help to lock in your ability to make healthy choices - with food, and/or many other issues :

  • Stress management - find your own choices, uncover options & learn new ways to cope...
  • Fear & Anxiety - what if ... you felt strong & resilient instead?
  • Lack of motivation or confidence - tap into the resources you already have...
  • Limiting beliefs - do you believe you can change them?
  • Confusion & indecision - Shine a light & get some Clarity on your goals

NLP (or Neuro Linguistic Programming)  is just one of the tools used to bring a practical approach to solving problems & moving forward:

  • helping you choose and make positive changes in your life.
  • you can learn to access resources within yourself - new ways to support yourself!
  • It's less about will-power, and more about understanding your own values and fine-tuning your motivation!
  • it has the potential to actually be fun!

 A separate coaching consultation to focus on specific goals will cost £60.00, and last approximately 1 hour.