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Functional Medicine

I use the  "Functional Medicine" model or approach - this means I look at all the different functions happening within the body.  It is a very busy and complex system – digesting food, eliminating waste, preparing immune system defences, repairing injury, and communicating with itself all the time! 

It also means that I aim to collect as much background information as possible, to identify all the possible factors that may be contributing to your current health problems. 

These factors include your family history, your own health history, the environment you work and live in, and your own diet and lifestyle. 

My post-graduate training has included Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice - run by the Institute of Functional Medicine - see

What to expect from a consultation:

You receive comprehensive personalised information with:

  • informed and researched explanations - how specific dietary changes may help your particular health situation;
  • suggestions for functional tests - they can help get identify nutritional imbalances;
  • suggestions for food supplements - should any extra support be necessary;
  • Meal suggestions - nutritionally balanced - with ideas on how to make healthy eating interesting and tasty – really!
  • Reading list - suggested websites, articles and books for you to research.

What's involved:

Phone or email me to briefly discuss your situation.

You will receive a comprehensive health questionnaire, including a 3-day food diary, which you can fill out, and return to me for analysis.

We would then schedule a 1.5-2 hour appointment to discuss your family history, symptoms, medications & health history.

The body is a complex system, so at your appointment, we will also discuss lifestyle aspects such as stress levels, sleep and exercise.  I also aim to understand your individual eating likes and dislikes, ethnic preferences, work constraints, etc.

Together we can agree an optimum approach to help you meet your expectations, and achieve your health goals. 

A Nutritional Therapist does not diagnose illness or conditions, so I may refer you back to your GP, or liaise with your doctor, with your permission.

Cost:    £120-160 - which covers the consultation plus research time before & after the appointment

After around 3-4 weeks, it's important to schedule a Follow-Up meeting to review your progress, discuss any test results and make any changes to your approach and goals.  

Cost :   £80-120

Follow up consultations by telephone can be arranged, and are charged at £80 per hour pro rata.