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7-a-day Fruit & Veg

The WHO recommendation of 5-a-Day fruit & veg was first proposed in 1990.  A recent new study from University College London has hit the headlines.  The study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, reviews 12 years of data, and concludes that 7 or more helpings of fruit & vegetables per day appears to be associated with better health & longevity.  There are many creative & tasty ways to incorporate more veggies into your daily meals & snacks - and this forms an integral part of the Nutritional therapy process.  Click here to go to the Journal article.  Talk to Helen about how to do this in practical terms - in a way that suits your life?

Locally sourced organic vegetable boxes

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May 2017 - Coeliac Awareness Week

8 - 14 May 2017

Coeliac disease is sometimes misdiagnosed as IBS.  Even after excluding gluten from their diet, intestinal tissue damage persisted in 57% of people with Coeliac disease, reported in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.   Get in touch to find out more about the latest research on what can be done to help repair the intestinal inflammation.

Even more interesting is the recognition of non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity - which helps explain why some people have negative Coeliac test results, but still do not tolerate gluten. 

April 2017 - IBS Awareness Month

1-30 April 2017

Much research progress has been made regarding our understanding of this condition.  The balance of bacteria in the gut is now understood to play a significant role in the development & continuation of symptoms such as diarrhoea, bloating & cramping.  The microbial environment may contribute to gut barrier problems & sensation of pain.  A new report in discusses this.         Get in touch to find out more.

February 2017 - National Heart Month

1 -28 February 2017

Not just because it includes St. Valentine's Day, February is "National Heart" month.  Heart-healthy diet & food choices, exercise & lifestyle all play a part in reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, and other circulation problems.

Simple things like reducing alcohol & processed foods, and focusing on fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish and other healthy fats, all aim to support heart function & health in general.  Get in touch to learn more.

Yateley Chiropractic Clinic

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Sacro-Cranial therapy

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Tai Chi

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Coeliac UK

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